This is the real reason why Anuel AA hated the music of Marc Anthony

In a recent interview, the famous singer anuel aa revealed the reason behind his animosity towards the music of renowned salsa singer Marc Anthony. Although many followers of both artists might think that it is a musical rivalry, the truth is that it is a simple matter of overexposure.

Anuel AA, who has been influenced by various musical genres since childhood because his father worked in the music industry, shared that Mark Anthony he was one of the artists whose albums used to play constantly in his home. The trap and urban music singer confessed that, despite recognizing the talent of the salsa singer, he came to hate some of his songs, including the famous “Contra La Corriente”, due to the number of times they were played in his house.

It is important to note that this detail should not be a source of controversy, much less a confrontation between the two artists. On the contrary, it is a reminder that, like everyone else, musicians also have their own personal preferences and tastes. In this case, anuel aa he just got tired of listening to Marc Anthony’s music too much during his childhood.

It’s interesting that anuel aa has spoken about this topic in a recent interview, since this shows that the singer is an authentic and sincere person. Instead of trying to hide his opinions or pretending to like something just to please his audience, Anuel AA shows himself as he is and talks honestly about his personal tastes and experiences.

Undoubtedly, the reason why Anuel AA hated the music of Mark Anthony It has nothing to do with a musical rivalry or with a lack of respect for the talent of the salsa singer. It’s simply a matter of overexposure and a young Anuel AA who got tired of listening too much to Marc Anthony’s music in his home. It is important to remember that, like any person, artists also have their own personal preferences and tastes, and that is something that must be respected.