This is the real reason why Cecilia Bolocco did not have children with her first husband

the former model Cecilia Bolocco She lives an excellent loving present after settling her relationship with José Patricio “Pepo” Daire. In tune with this, he gave an intimate interview with Andrés Oppenheimer for CNN en Español in which he opened up his body and soul and spoke about an unknown detail about his past and that always generated some kind of question mark in public opinion.

It is known that the first great love (and husband) of the former Chilean Miss World was Michael Young, with whom he was married for six years, between 1990 and 1996. That is why he told more than 25 years, taking into account that it was the prime time of his life, why they were not parents. “I always wanted to be a mom. In my first marriage it did not happen, my husband was not prepared and did not want us to have children immediately and it was just the time when he worked at CNN en Español and had a very strict schedule.

Cecilia Bolocco and Michael Young. Source: Archive

After his intense romance with Young, Cecilia Boloco she married, with a greater degree of maturity, former Argentine president Carlos Saúl Menem, who died in February 2021. “When I met Carlos Menem and we started dating, I told him: ‘This is not a game for me and if we got to be together I want you to know that I want to be a mother, I want to have a child’.

The former president’s response to Cecilia Boloco was accurate: “Well, let’s have a son.” Fruit of the marriage that curiously also lasted six years (2001 to 2007), Máximo Menem Bolocco was born, the only son she had and who will turn 19 in November.

The birth of Bolocco Together with Menem, it was more beautiful for her than when she was a beauty queen: “I was crowned Miss Universe, but I must confess that I never felt more queen and more powerful than the day I entered a delivery room alone and went out with someone in my arms, it’s really moving.”