This is the real reason why Piqué’s mother never accepted Shakira

Singer Shakira The 45-year-old is still on everyone’s lips after the release and success of his song ‘Music Sessions 53’ with BZRP. In the lyrics, the Colombian shot her ex Gerard Piquéattacked the third in contention Clara Chía Martí and also spoke of her mother-in-law Montserrat Bernabeu.

It seems the relationship between Shakira and her mother-in-law Montse was never easy. In the year 2010 when his son Gerard Piqué After winning the world cup with the Spanish team, he replied that he was in love with the Colombian singer who was also 10 years older than him, the doctor did not like it at all.

According to the newspaper Look, the mother of Gerard Piqué It bothered her that her son’s partner was not Catalan and from a well-known Spanish family like her entire intimate and social circle. “He saw her from the beginning as an intruder. A fish out of water. Everything about her bothered him,” a source close to the Barcelona player’s family confessed to this medium.

“That she was 10 years older than her son. That she was a singer, no matter how successful she was. That she was not Catalan or at least from a recognizable family. It is a very closed circle and very classist,” added the same source about how tense that began the relationship between Shakira and her mother-in-law.

Montserrat Bernabeu, Shakira and Piqué. Source: instagram @shakirafanatic

With the passage of time and with the birth of the children there was a rapprochement between Shakira Y Montserrat Bernabeu but they never became intimate.” Although she was not the desired daughter-in-law, she became the tolerated daughter-in-law and later even a beloved member,” this same source told Look newspaper, but when things got hairy due to the infidelity of Gerard Piquéthe singer did not hesitate to listen to her mother-in-law in the song and to place a witch in the window of her house that overlooks the property of her ex’s parents.