This is the reason that brought Gala Caldirola and Mauricio Isla together again

Gala Caldirola and the Chilean national team player Mauritius Island they married in 2019, together they had a daughter named Luz Elif, however in May 2021 they announced their separation. For the sake of her daughter, they sometimes share some events, like in this case that the little girl got her first school achievement.

Gala Caldirola who began his career as part of some reality shows, is now dedicated almost exclusively to generating content on social networks, especially on Instagram. In this social network, Caldirola has more than 2,800,000 followers, and he shares with daily posts everything that happens in his life and that of his daughter. In recent days, she has been related to Mauricio Pinilla, but Gala is now focused on her family.

Gala and Mauricio’s daughter. Source: Instagram @galadrielcaldirola

This is why yesterday, Tuesday, December 20, Gala Caldirola He shared the photos of his daughter Luz Elif’s great event, her first graduation. She accompanied the photos with the phrase: “My princess Luz was received.”

And excited and graceful Gala Caldirola asked: “Am I the only one who always cries at events like this?” She also accompanied her with photos of the girl together with her teachers. Undoubtedly, a moment that Gala will never forget in the life of her daughter, and that will only be repeated as the girl progresses in her life, always in different ways.

Gala and Mauricio’s daughter. Source: Instagram @mauricioisla4chile

Of course Mauritius Island was present at this event, where they were able to share their daughter’s achievements with their ex. The soccer player also shared his own photos of the moment, where Luz could be seen on stage. Thus it was possible to confirm that the couple takes advantage of these special moments to be present for their daughter and share a family moment. Mauricio Isla shares photos with her daughter quite often, shows off her on her networks and shows her her love.