This is the reason why Cristián de la Fuente was not in Laura de la Fuente’s birthday photos

The scandal over the infidelity of Christian of the Source Angélica Castro hasn’t even been a month, so it’s very recent. As revealed by Cecilia Gutiérrez in “Zona de Estrellas”, a source close to the family has commented that Laura has not gone to school all week so as not to face the situation in public.

This past September 30, Laura of the Source turned 18 years old. “Very happy birthday love of my life!!! Lau I have no words to thank everything you have generously given me all these 18 years and 9 months. You came like a hurricane of love, energy, humor, resilience, empathy, purpose, joy, light, wisdom and much more. Every day you teach me to appreciate all the blessings that life gives us. I adore and admire you with all my soul!! To live to the fullest this wonderful stage that begins from today!! A year full of the best of the best for you! You deserve it. I love you to infinity” were the words Angélica Castro dedicated to her on her Instagram account.

Christian He traveled from Mexico to Chile for his daughter’s birthday, which was already planned beforehand. When the reporters intercepted him in the Aztec capital, he replied: “I want to thank you for all the interest you have. The only person I have to talk to and apologize to is my family.”

Laura of the Source. Source: Instagram @laudelafuentec

The journalists insisted but Christian He did not give more information: “Thank you very much, I appreciate everything you say, the only people I have to apologize to is my family, correct the mistake, ask for forgiveness and be a better person. There is nothing more to clarify.”

Laura de la Fuente and Angelica Castrio. Source: Instagram @laudelafuentec

Although it was not clear whether or not the actor attended his daughter’s birthday, the truth is that Laura He didn’t post any photos with him. “Well celebrated” she wrote along with some images where she is seen with her mother and a Bad Bunny-themed cake and her latest album. According to the journalist from Zona Latina, this speaks of the anger she has with her father for being unfaithful to Angelica Castro.