This is the reason why Luis Miguel could end up in jail

the mexican singer Luis Miguel 52 years old is going through a great personal moment due to his romance with Paloma Cuevas. This week it was learned that the singer would be looking for a home in Spain to settle down and stop living in hotels to be close to his girlfriend.

But now a judicial setback complicates his plans since his ex-partner and mother of his children, the actress Aracely Arambula sued Luis Miguel for not being up to date with the maintenance of his two sons Miguel and Daniel who are already teenagers and are 12 and 13 years old.

In view of this legal action Aracely Arambulathe Mexican justice system released an arrest warrant for Luis Miguel in Mexico since he owes close to 250,000 dollars for the expenses of his sons Miguel and Daniel. The truth is that La Chule’s lawyer, Guillermo Pouz, spoke to the press and said that he believes that the singer will use his influence to avoid arrest.

in the year 2021 Aracely Arambula He tried to approach positions with his ex Luis Miguel and was willing to reach an agreement to settle the debt that the singer has with his two minor heirs, but he did not succeed because the Sun of Mexico did not have the same intentions and did not appear.

Aracely Arámbula with her young children. She now she doesn’t show them publicly. Source: Terra archive

From that moment Aracely Arambula he signed with his lawyer to go through legal channels so that Luis Miguel pay what you owe and managed two lawsuits for the artist, one in Mexico where his children and his ex live and another in Los Angeles since it is his place of residence but lately the singer has settled in Spain with his new partner.