This is the reason why Pamela Díaz and Jean Phillipe Cretton will not be present at the Viña Gala

The Vina del Mar Festival It is one of the great international events that the country has and the most recognized artists from all fields pass through it. The gala that kicks off the renowned ‘Monster’ will be on February 17, it will be called ‘Noche Cero’ and it will be organized by TVN together with Channel 13.

These days the commentary on all television programs is about the guest list that will parade down the red carpet of this gala that brings together the most recognized celebrities in the country. Pamela Diaz and her boyfriend Jean-Philippe CrettonThey were one of those confirmed but now they warned that they will not be able to attend.

The couple is one of the most beloved within the industry but both Pamela Diaz What Jean-Philippe Cretton They explained that their work commitments overlap and therefore they will not be part of the Viñamarina gala. The information was released in the Follow Me and I Follow You programs on TV+, where they revealed the truth behind this absence.

Pamela Diaz and Jean Philippe Cretton. Source: Terra archive

It turns out that Pamela Diaz Y Jean-Philippe Cretton They will be the hosts of the Los Angeles Festival, which will take place on February 17 and 18 and for this reason they will not be able to walk the red carpet of ‘Noche Cero’, which will also be themed this year and the looks must be inspired by nature. .

The producer of the gala Viña del Mar, Alexis Zamora commented: “It is a framework that is not strict, but rather has more to do with the artistic, taking one of the three elements. Based on which element they choose to go through the carpet, that wardrobe can be reused, reinvented or made with recycling themes, for example, plastic, cans“.