This is the reason why Rosalía has a second Instagram account

Rosalia She is one of the most complete artists in the world of music. This Thursday she showed the cover of her album “Motomami +” on her social networks. It has a red background instead of white and a “+” on the biker helmet. The tracklist has seven new songs, including the remix of “Desspechá”, “Thank Yu :)”, “LAX”, “LA KILIÉ”, “Aislamiento” and “CHIRI”.

In a recent interview, the Spanish interpreter told why she has two accounts Instagramthe official one and the “private” one that he later decided to make public: “I created my parallel account, my Finsta, and I published things there, I was making my visual diary of what it was like to be doing this project.”

“I started it at the beginning of 2021, and then I began to ask myself ‘will I open it and show it?’ There comes a point where… I had a very professional Instagram, I have to be constantly communicating” he acknowledged Rosaliaon the network of the camera and revealed a more human side.

Source: Instagram @rosalia.vt

“What I want is also to use the networks when I really feel it with the content that is really happening. I’m very happy. If one day I have not had time, I do not put anything, and the day I have many things to say, I say them “, he concluded Rosalia.

Cover of “Motomami+”. Source: Instagram @rosalia.vt

The mommy He also told how the famous grimace of “Bizcochito” came about: “I was in rehearsal, we were doing the choreography, and doing it so many times one gets bored. Unintentionally to make the boys laugh.” As he saw that his dancers liked it, he decided to implement it in his shows: “I said ‘I’m going to do it’”.