This is the reason why Rusherking, boyfriend of La China Suárez, is accused of fraud

rushing is the current couple China Suarez. Both are very much in love on social networks. In the stories of Instagram both upload captures of the video calls they make since she is installed in Uruguay filming the movie “El duelo” together with the actor from Argentina Joaquín Furriel.

This Wednesday, Yanina Latorre began giving a story based on the enigma, as she always does in LAM. “Music scam. He is Argentine, he is a man. He swindled a producer with money, he is one of the new big guys, ”she began by saying. Since no one guessed, she ended up revealing the name: “rushingboyfriend of China Suarez”.

And he started with the explanation: “I tell the story… the producer of rusherMr. Ramasso, sold a show for May 14 to a producer from Viedma, Rio Negro, the guy put up $1,750,000, payment in advance, sold the tickets, the show was mega sold out but, two weeks before, he calls the producer and tells him ‘rusher he can’t go on the 14th because he has to sing in the north, in another province’ and he offered to change the date for later”.

Latorre added: “It is seen that the other show closed more, they gave him more money and the guy did not accept the change of date, to which the producer replied: fix yourself.” But the problem with rusher came later: “The issue is that now time has passed… the guy started sending document letters, they don’t answer any of them, they don’t answer the phone, they don’t return the advance twine… If the artist or the producer of the artist cancels, you have to return the money, and that never happened”.

“The man saw a story from Rusher’s production company announcing that it was going to be presented in Comodoro Rivadavia. So the guy tagged it in his story and warned to be careful with rushing who says that he is going to present himself and is a scammer”, concluded Latorre.