This is the reason why Shakira did not premiere her song with Karol G on February 2

Shakira and Karol G. They have generated a lot of expectation with their new music collaboration. The song had been scheduled to premiere on February 2, but ultimately it will not be released on that date. The reason behind the change in the release date is rumored to be due to the fact that Carol G. is scheduled to release his new song with the King of Bachata, Romeo Santos, on that date.

the new song of Shakira and Karol G. It is expected to be released at the end of February, when La Bichota’s new album comes out. Although it is speculated that the song may be spiteful, its content and lyrics are a carefully guarded secret.

It had been speculated that Shakira and Karol G. they would be releasing a new song together, and that this would be a “revenge” against Gerard Piqué. The record company Sony Music confirmed that the two interpreters are working together on a new production, although nothing is yet known about its lyrics or title.

It was also speculated that the lyrics would be full of shock and spite, but the rumors have not been confirmed. Despite rumors that the song would be out on February 2, coinciding with Shakira’s birthday and PiqueShakira forgave him and decided not to ruin his birthday.

For now, all the fans of both Latin artists must continue waiting since a new release date for the song has not yet been confirmed. Shakira and Carol G.