This is the reason why the former Mekano girl is wanted by the Carabineros

The TV show Mekano It was one of the most watched productions on the local screen during the years 1997 to 2007. From here came important figures who today succeed in the world of entertainment such as Daniela Aránguiz, Jorge Valdivia’s ex, and also others who are in the news but due to problems with the law.

This is the case of Ariela Medeiros, who is wanted by the police because she has a complaint for taking her daughter without consent last Friday from her home. It was her ex Gonzalo Cabello, who went to the Center for Precautionary Measures of the Family Courts of Santiago to alert them to the situation.

Ariela Medeirosex girl Mekano, is also accused of mistreating her daughter and violating the rights of the minor. According to radio ADN, the file states that the father of the minor who has custody of her daughter did not notice her when they took her out of her house and therefore asks the authorities for help.

Ariel and her daughter. Source: instagram @arielamedeirostore

“The mother of the daughter in common, without personal care, arrives unexpectedly to see the daughter who was with a friend. While the plaintiff was in the kitchen, her mother persuaded him from the fire escape that is 10 meters from the door to the apartment. The girl opens the door, picks it up and takes it without the plaintiff’s permission. The girl’s mother does not answer calls and the father does not know whereabouts,” the complaint against the former girl cites. Mekano.

Ariel and her daughter. Source: instagram @arielamedeirostore

Apparently Ariela Medeiros He already has a history of wanting to keep the girl and on more than one occasion he would have threatened his ex with taking his own life if he did not give him custody of the minor. At this time the authorities are looking for the daughter of the ex-girl Mekano and she could be arrested for taking her against her will.