This is the song by Los Prisioneros that Shakira would have plagiarized, according to a fan

The song that Shakira launched together with Bizarrap, “Sesiones de música 53”, it has undoubtedly become a great success in the charts of January 2023. In the song, the Colombian woman attacks her ex-partner, Gerard Piqué, with explosive verses that point to not only him, but also his current girlfriend, Clara Chía Martí.

In addition to its lyrics, this song has also been the subject of controversy. After its release, a Venezuelan singer named Briella alleged that Shakira and the Argentine producer plagiarized a song due to similarities between the choruses. Briella was the one who actually came out to compare the songs, but she did it as another fan of Shakira, saying that she was proud that she was like that. Today on Instagram Shakira published how the song continues to be a worldwide success.

This week, another similar accusation went viral on TikTok, in which a user identified as “Juan Fer Guitar” compared “Sesiones de música 53” with “Tren al sur” by The prisoners. Internet users had a small “debate” in the comments of the publication, while some claimed that the songs were the same, others pointed out that they were not.

Chilean music producer Matías Evreoux downplayed the video, assuring that this occurs frequently in pop music and that he did not believe it was plagiarism: “Pop music shares elements with many other genres, that is what it does in general and it is the reason why it’s successful, because it always reminds you of something else,” he said. Now, about “Music Sessions 53” and “Train to the South,” he said, “Is it similar? Yes. Is it plagiarism? I don’t think so.

People generated a debate about what is the difference between plagiarism and sample, a resource widely used in music. To differentiate between them, they must be explained: Plagiarism is when you take someone else’s work and present it as your own without giving credit or permission. Sampling, on the other hand, is the process of taking a piece of an existing recording and using it on a new recording, usually as part of a song or production track. Often you are required to obtain permission and pay a copyright fee to the original owner of the recording before using a sample. So they would be two very different things, however sometimes it is neither one nor the other, just the notes are similar.