This is the song that Karol G dedicated to Yailin La Más Viral and nobody noticed

the dominican singer Yailin, the most viral, 20 years old is still missing from social networks and it is not known for sure if she is separating from her husband, Anuel AA, just a few months after passing through the civilian to stamp his signature on a marriage certificate.

Things are not clear and there are many rumors around the couple Yailin, the most viral Y Anuel AA but the strongest of all is that the marriage ended due to infidelity, something that the interpreter of ‘China’ would also have done when he was with Carol G.

it was the same Carol G who made it clear at a concert and told those present that Anuel AA he cheated on her Yailin, the most viral, to later leave her permanently and change partners. “He got into my relationship and I took it off but mommy, at the end of the day it was like that with me…” said Bichota.

After these strong words, Carol G she sang the song ‘A ella’ and the public applauded her. In the same concert, Bichota launched one more hint by singing the song in which she collaborated with her ex Anuel AA and that it is called ‘Secreto’. “I know that here there are a couple of people who came in secret and that tomorrow they will feel guilty, nothing happens,” said the Colombian.

Karol G. Source: Terra archive

It only remains to wait to find out what will happen to the couple’s future. Anuel AA Y Yailin, the most viral. The last time the Dominican appeared on the network, she left a strong message towards her husband and said: “I don’t understand how he can be so little of a man; if you did it clearly before, you would do it again, damaging and damaging people, I gave myself to the 100%, where you were 20%. We all come from below, bug. Who said you can’t even do it alone?”