This is the song that Rosalía wrote for Game of Thrones and you did not know

fans of “Game of Thrones” They are more than excited with the premiere of the prequel, “House of the Dragon” that arrived on the HBO platform this weekend. On the occasion of the marathon they spent in front of the television, they commented and remembered some curious facts on social networks.

One of them is that in 2019 the Columbia Records label released the soundtrack inspired by this successful series and important music celebrities participated with their voice, including the Catalan singer Rosalia that today sweeps away reproductions with his latest work called ‘Motomami’.

The release of this album coincided with the eighth and final season of “Game of Thrones” and the Rosalia She was already more than famous due to the fact that she had just released her single ‘With height’, which was played in all latitudes of the world. It was precisely the ninth track of this soundtrack that was performed by Rauw Alejandro’s girlfriend.

Rosalia. Source: Terra archive

The aforementioned album was called “For the Throne” and Rosalia He put the voice and composition to the song “Me betrayed” with his Peruvian colleague A. Chai. Rosalía wrote part of the lyrics together with Pablo Díaz-Reixa and Alejandro Salazar (A. Chal) and participated fully in the musical production.

On these days, Rosalia must be watching the prequel “Game of Thrones” in a hotel room in Latin America, a region where he is presenting his shows in the middle of the ‘Motomami’ tour that sells out venues and has become a rage on social networks.