This is the space that will unite Benjamín Vicuña and Mayte Rodríguez

This weekend, Cecilia Boloco gave the “yes” with Pepo Daire, in an intimate wedding. In the coming weeks, the host will premiere her program “Todo por ti” on Channel 13. The entertainer has already advanced: “We will have spectacular guests and unique conversations and in which we will reach their hearts.” Among the guests are Benjamin VicunaMark Gonzalez, Nicolas Larrain, Jose Miguel Viñuela, mayte rodriguez and Martín Cárcamo, among others.

Nicolás Larraín, who will be with his mother Sonia de Toro, said: “It was very nice to be part of this program. We are a family that does not show much intimacy, because although it seems that we do, we always control what we show. That is why what we did with Cecilia Bolocco is very unique… and it was a pleasure, everyone was very nice, Cecilia and the team”.

Although they won’t be on the same show, mayte Y Benjamin They will be part of the meeting. Carolina Arregui is more than happy for her participation: “it was a beautiful experience, a tremendous surprise, because I never imagined that mayte I was going to agree to be on a program where I did something as beautiful and as moving as inviting me to eat at home, preparing a dish especially for me and being with Cecilia”.

And he added: “for me it was a feeling of a lot of love, a lot of affection, a wonderful meeting where the three of us had an incredible time and we talked about everything. I felt very comfortable, very welcomed and very happy to have had such a beautiful and special day with two people who are very special to me. On the one hand, my daughter maytethat I adore her, and, on the other, CeciliaI have known her for many years and she is such a beautiful person with her heart and soul”.

The mother of mayte rodriguez He confessed: “this talking with people in an intimate space and with the children by their side is something that is not usually done, so I think it will be a novelty. In that sense, it was something incredible, we went through all the emotions and they were very pleasant moments that made me very happy”.