This is the video that confirms that China Suárez and Rusherking took another step in their relationship

China Suarez Y rushing they are happily together. Recently, the Argentine ragpicker premiered his new song with Dread Mar I and the former “Casi Ángeles” starred in the video clip. During the recording, the artist answered some questions. In a role play, the actress ran her boyfriend down the stairs as if she were a journalist and asked “Is it true that you are getting married?” “Yes” answered the singer without hesitation.

Later, the noteros of “Partners of the show” consulted him about the marriage and he replied: “It was a party, it’s not something we’re still talking about.” He also spoke for the first time about how he gets along with Rufina, Magnolia and Amancio, the children of China Suarez. “They are all very divine, they are very raised. They are beautiful. We really get along very well,” the singer said in principle.

Despite having denied the issue of marriage, this past Wednesday the China shared an Instagram story that raised doubts. In the clip both are seen lying very calm, one next to the other. However, the panelist Estefi Berardi shared this material but focused on a striking detail that shows that both would already be engaged.

is that so much the China What rushing They wear the same silver ring, so it could mean that they decided to go for the engagement. Whether it is an upcoming wedding or not, without a doubt the particular accessory has a special meaning for the singers since it is identical in both hands.

Screenshot. Source: Instagram @estefaniaberardi

The prejudices of the age of China Suárez

El Trece compiled the statements that China Suarez He gave from Spain about the prejudices of the age difference he has with Ruskerking. “I wondered what I was going to do with someone who was 22, I had my prejudices, but I had never thought about it when it was the other way around. I had partners who were more than ten years older than me and they never made any noise. At first, I told my intimates that I couldn’t explain it and I understood that there are loves that have no explanation. I couldn’t put into words why I liked him so much or what attracted me to him “he was honest.