This is the video that confirms who Karol G’s new love is

Carolina Giraldo Navarro, artistically known as Carol G., is the Latin artist of the moment after the publication of her latest album “Mañana ser bonito”. Her new album climbed to the top of the most listened to on Billboard, something that has set a precedent since, until now, no Latin singer had achieved it. In addition, it ranks first on Spotify’s global album chart.

Carol G posing. Source: Instagram @karolg

The Colombian artist has more than 60.8 million followers on social networks, platforms in which she also leads as one of the most sensual celebrities of recent times. Through her account instagram, Karol G shares fragments of his shows and photographs of the trips he makes. In addition, her fans find various photo sessions on this platform in which the native of Medellín shines with different looks.

Feid posing. Source: Instagram @feid

After her breakup with Puerto Rican rapper Anuel AA became known in 2021, rumors about the state of her heart have pointed in different directions. The press and her followers have remained expectant to know if Carol G. found love again or if being alone is happy.

The video that confirms who is the new love of Karol G

While Karol G is immersed in the repercussions of his latest album and what has generated his song “TQG”, a collaboration made with his compatriot Shakira, a rumor that links her romantically with the singer Feid took strength. Both had already been pointed out as hiding an affair but neither of them has spoken about it.

Now, a video that went viral on social networks cleared up doubts and allowed loose ends to be tied up. The brief material captured by a paparazi shows Carol G. getting out of a car to get on a plane at one of the Medellín airports. But what was really surprising was that seconds later Feid appeared on the scene with the same direction in her walk, thus confirming that Colombian artists are together and love is no longer “Forbidden” when “Bitter” is removed.