This is Úrsula Corberó’s key to show off firm buttocks

Spanish actress Ursula Corberó The 33-year-old rose to fame with her leading role in the acclaimed Netflix series called ‘La Casa de Papel’ and over time she became one of the most followed actresses in the world. She currently has more than 23 million followers on her social networks.

For them, Ursula Corberó She shares photos of her best looks and poses as she has also become a fashion and beauty benchmark for her good taste in clothing. It is true that the bride Chinese Darin She is the owner of a worked silhouette product of her perseverance with physical exercise.

Ursula Corberó He has confessed on more than one occasion that he dedicates several hours to the gym and that he also likes to go running and have a careful diet. But the key to having the firm buttocks of the actress are the squats in all its variants, such as the buttock kick with rubber bands.

Ursula Corbero. Source: instagram @ursulolita

The squats you practice Ursula Corberó they can be combined within different routines and should be practiced at least three times a week. Thanks to the photos shared by the actress, we also know that the star of “La casa de Papel” has worked her abdomen very well, especially her obliques.

Ursula Corbero. Source: instagram @ursulolita

This makes Ursula Corberó have a silhouette to envy and the fact of practicing abs makes you have a better posture and as a consequence you can wear the most sophisticated looks. Not for nothing is it one of the faces most in demand by international brands for their campaigns.