This is what Dr. Polo was doing before she became famous and led Case Closed

The TV host and lawyer, Ana Maria Polo 62, achieved fame throughout Latin America thanks to his program “Case closed” which was on the air for almost a decade on the Televisa station, with repetitions on almost all air channels in the region.

Ana Maria Polo. Source: Terra file

The public remembers her to the Dr. Polo for mediating the most complicated relationships and for always defending the rights of the Latino community in the United States. She is currently away from the screen and makes only special appearances but her fans follow her closely on social networks where she already accumulates almost three million followers.

Ana Maria Polo. Source: Terra file

It is true that Ana Maria Polo He made his debut on television very young and before reaching fame with the “Caso Cerrado” format he had another program called “Sala de Parejas” where he officiated as a referee before the participants who came to this space spontaneously.

This is what Ana María Polo was doing before Case Closed

The truth is that before stepping on a recording studio, Ana Maria Polo She had another job away from the television cameras and it was precisely that of practicing her profession as a lawyer. She attended private clients in a studio that she had in her home located in the city of Miami.

Ana Maria Polo. Source: Terra file

As is well known, the specialty of Dr. Polo It is family law but in his law firm he attended to all kinds of situations such as custody, adoptions, divorce, paternity and everything related to what happens in the bosom of a family and must be resolved.