This is what Eiza González’s luxurious apartment in New York costs

New York is and will continue to be one of the most vibrant and important megacities in the world. One of its main drawbacks is the lack of square footage in Manhattan and that impacts apartment values. Eiza González knew how to find her corner, but how much money does it cost to live in the heart of the United States?

The “Sueña Conmigo” actress has gained fame north of the Rio Grande, being one of Hollywood’s favorites. This stamp of international artist has made worthy of Eiza of one of the most exclusive apartments in the Big Apple.

Your apartment is located in the exclusive Hell’s Kitchen district in Midtown West, just below the iconic Central Park and west of the Broadway Street area. These luxury apartments cost a fortune even by the high consumer standards of the northern country. The 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom apartment on the 53rd floor of the “Sky” building costs $ 8,300 per month.

Source: Google Maps

But what other services does this property have to justify its high cost? European-style and great details Eiza Gonzalez you can cool off in its indoor pool or choose between one of its two infinity pools for the summer. The views are endless in an area of ​​the city that is not overloaded with skyscrapers that impede the beautiful panoramas.

Source: Instagram @eizagonzalez

The former Televisa has given itself a treat that most mortals could not afford. Even your pets can visit the exclusive spa that the building has. The furry of these expensive homes will be able to enjoy this space. Eiza Gonzalez He has actively promoted the responsible adoption of companion animals through his Instagram account. We are sure that your animals will be more than happy.