This is what Joel’s face looks like, Mon Laferte’s baby

mon laferte She has moved her Instagram followers by showing her baby’s face for the first time. The boy, named Joel like his father, has captivated all the fans of the Chilean singer, who have left thousands of comments full of love and tenderness in the publication.

Mon Laferte and Joel. Source: Instagram @monlaferte

The relationship of mon laferte With her husband, Joel Orta, she is very loved by her followers, who have closely followed the couple’s love story. The arrival of her baby has been one of the most anticipated moments for everyone, and now, finally, they have been able to see the face of her son.

In the new photos published in instagram, Mon Laferte can be seen with her baby, who is already quite big and full of life. The publication has received more than 45,000 hearts in just minutes, and the comments have been full of love and admiration for the artist and her family.

It is worth mentioning that the couple mon laferteJoel Orta is a musician and visual artist who has collaborated with her on mural painting projects around the world. The Chilean singer has shared her love for Mexico on several occasions, the country where she has lived for several years, and where she has found her husband and has raised her family.

The family. Source: Instagram @monlaferte

The publication of mon laferte It has been a very nice way to celebrate Mother’s Day, and it has left all its followers with a smile on their faces. The singer has once again shown her love for her family and her commitment to her followers, who are always aware of each of her projects and her news.