This is what was not seen on the air of the dance between Adamari López and Toni Costa

Adamari López and Toni Costa they danced together in “Así se baila!” this Sunday. The particularity of the dance did not have to do with the excellent skill that both dancers have, but rather with a reunion that was announced and generated expectation. Both ended their relationship after 10 years and closed it with this dance that had a special pearl.

“The most special dance of my life with my daughter’s mother and our princess Alaïa. What an emotion and what a privilege to have this memory forever and I am very grateful for the opportunity to perform it!” published Toni Costa after the program.

Alaïa is the first daughter of both celebrities, she was born in 2015 when her parents were together. Now the little girl divides her days between the homes of her parents. So much Adamari and Toni they show her on screen and replay her antics.

“Toni had danced with Alaïa at some point, but the three of us had never danced, so this is a special day for us” he said Adamari Lopez, making it clear that they are still a family and that they are very fond of each other. Even the driver showed her Christmas tree, and then Toni Costa published a photograph with her daughter in front of the same tree, which means that she is not prohibited from entering her old home.

Source: Instagram @adamarilopez

“My heart jumped, but I think it turned out well in the end,” said the Puerto Rican. “There were nerves, right?” questioned Toni. “Many” his ex said without delay. The dancer said regarding his participation: “A privilege, grateful for the opportunity that she thought of me in being able to accompany her in this choreography, to continue being an example of united parents […]”.