This is what Yulissa del Pino looks like, the famous Miss Chile of the ’90s

The model Yulissa del Pino She was one of the first women in this country to become Miss Chile in the ’90s, through this milestone she began her professional career as a host and years later she achieved a place on local television, achieving fame.

Yulissa del Pino. Source: instagram @ yulissa_del_pino.oficial

Yulissa the crown of Miss Chile in 1994 but when she had to go to the international part of the contest she only reached the first phase of Miss World since she was among the first eliminated on the way to get the scepter. Anyway she made the most of the experience.

Yulissa del Pino. Source: instagram @ yulissa_del_pino.oficial

Despite not having been consecrated as Miss World, Yulissa he won a space in the local show business and over the years he participated in different television programs such as “Chile Tuday”, “El Sótano” and “Almost in Serious”. It was only in the 2000s when he decided to withdraw from the medium.

Yulissa del Pino. Source: instagram @ yulissa_del_pino.oficial

Yulissa She moved away from the cameras and dedicated herself to motherhood, it was in 2006 when she had her son whom she baptized as Clemente. The child was born prematurely and required special care, which made the model withdraw into the family nucleus to give all the necessary attention to the first child.

Yulissa del Pino and her son. Source: instagram @ yulissa_del_pino.oficial

Once your child grew up Yulissa he gradually started working and had a program called “Yulissa cocina”, where he taught classes for single men. Nowadays, her fans from the ’90s can buy a personalized greeting from her on the “salu2” platform, for only 19 thousand Chilean pesos.