This little girl today is a beloved actress: in the famous series she brought two different characters to the stage

In this shot she was just a child, today the actress has come a long way: we loved her so much in the famous horror series.

In this shot a very sweet little girl is photographed. Today she is a much loved and appreciated actress. We have to say that it hasn’t changed much and it’s very easy to recognize it. We told you it was part of a horror series.

She was just a little girl, today she is a much loved actress: in the famous television series she conquered us (source instagram)

Thanks to this series he achieved enormous success. Although, before that, he had already started acting in films and television series. She entered the entertainment world working as a model, but her acting studies led her to become an actress as well. The modeling career took her into commercials and so came the first film auditions. Looking carefully at the photo and after leaving small clues here, did you recognize it?

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She was just a child, today she is a beloved actress: we loved her in the horror genre series

The actress in the photo was just a little girl, but as we told you, it hasn’t changed at all. Years have passed since then, because today he is about 32 years old. In the shot where she shows herself as a child, she left a caption at the bottom of the post.

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She hinted that you always have to laugh, despite everything, and that she did it in kindergarten, and this shot is proof of that, so much so that it was taken up by her mother. We have revealed that the actress has become very well known thanks to the role brought on stage in a popular horror series. In this series he played two different characters, diametrically opposed. Now, do you understand who the actress in the picture is?

Nina Dobrev
source getty

The little girl is the beautiful Nina Dobrev, interpreter of Elena Gilbert and Katherine Pierce in the horror genre series the Vampire Diaries. Would you have ever recognized her? The actress is practically the same, don’t you think? Except that as a child she had a helmet, while today she has much longer hair. The look, however, has not changed at all. Nina has a very special beauty.