This morning he describes Tears between work and love: the video

“Lacrime”, my new single, is a project that I particularly care about, because it contains a piece of my soul. The song, produced by Giuseppe Maggio aka JP, mixed and mastered by Goldeneye Studio and distributed by Keyrecords/Altafonte Italia, is a profound emotional journey through the ups and downs of life, in which I sincerely recount the bittersweetness that shaped my path. The official video clip, directed by Chiara Bettiga and Stefano Meloncelli, was shot in two emblematic locations: the WRC Auto Competizioni workshop and the lively university area of ​​Bovisa, vibrant with street art. I am really proud of the final result, because together with my staff I managed to create the perfect combination between my passion for music and my daily life, visually representing two fundamental aspects for me, work and love.

In the scenes shot in the workshop, you can see me immersed in my work, a symbol of dedication and effort. I wanted to represent the value of commitment and sacrifice, elements that are perfectly linked to the meaning of the piece and which I believe is important to bring out, especially in a historical period like the one we are experiencing, full of challenges. I want to make younger people understand that nothing is given to us: we have to work hard to achieve our goals. At the same time, I wanted to explore my personal life, in particular the relationship with my girlfriend, played in the video by Letizia Rimoldi, a very young teacher of musical propaedeutics to children. Letizia’s choice was not random, but strongly desired: her life, like mine, is dedicated to art. She has studied acting and music since the age of 8, and has managed to transform her passion into work, also participating in several music videos thanks to her activity as a music therapist. The scenes of her with her represent the contrast between joy and pain, happiness and sadness, reflecting in images and frames what each of us experiences in our own emotional sphere, the complexity of human relationships. Letizia’s role in the video, as well as that of my partner in everyday life, is not only that of a companion, but is also a symbol of strength, hope and consolation.

The video for “Lacrime” does not simply visually accompany the song, but tells a story in itself, a story that I hope can touch the heart and inspire those who watch it. It is a mix between work and private life, a powerful contrast of emotions. Music and images come together to tell an intensely lived existence, with its ups and downs. With “Lacrime”, I tried to go beyond the simple auditory experience, creating something visually compelling and meaningful. I hope that in this video you can find a piece of yourself, just as I found a piece of myself by writing and shooting the whole project. The “Tears” are the reflection of the soul that lives in each of us, a bridge between emotions and the outside world.