This was the bond that united Tina Turner and Mel Gibson when they were both at the top in the ’80s

The departure of Tina Turner, a Swiss singer of American origin, undoubtedly left all her fans heartbroken as the artist had won the love of millions. With her death, the singer not only saddened her fans but also many celebrities who shared great moments with her as Mel Gibson in Mad Max.

The artist who developed her career for more than fifty years, played Aunty Entity in the third part of the saga Mad Max beyond Thunderdome in 1985. The character of Tina Turner led her to meet Mel Gibson, who in the same film played the main character.

Tina Turner he felt an immediate connection to his character as he once stated the following: “I have lived his life. I didn’t build a city, but I basically built a life for myself after my divorce. Building is building. She built the little town of it. I have built another kind of empire for myself. There’s definitely a connection.”

The talented singer undoubtedly had a great impact on the life of Mel Gibson who was always in controversies like the crash he suffered in Canada while driving under the influence of alcohol. At the time that she filmed the third part Mad Max the actor revealed that: “I was a wild boy, I used to get high”. About this, gibson revealed how turner she was trying to help him get by: “She sent me a picture of me once and said, ‘Please don’t screw this up.’ Because she was worried about me. That moved me.”

Source: Twitter

Yes ok Mel Gibson He never walked away from problems, he always fondly remembered Tina Turner whom he saw as an admirable and respectable figure. The actor did not return to the franchise Mad Maxso his last performance there was with the late artist.

Source: Twitter