This was the cake with which Anuel AA celebrated his 30 years

The singer and reference of the urban genre anuel aa He is going through his best moment, a few days ago he announced with his wife Yailin, the most viral, that they are expecting a girl and in this way the rumors of crisis and separation that have been haunting the couple for a long time have disappeared.

Everything is happiness is the life of anuel aa who also reunited with Pablo, his eldest son of 9 years, product of his relationship with his former partner Astrid Cuevas. In addition, the singer celebrated his 30th birthday this week and since he could not be otherwise, he did it in style.

anuel aa He showed some of the details of his celebration on social networks before his more than 30 million followers from all latitudes. Part of his birthday was spent on top of the private jet that he has next to him. Yailin, the most viral and the girl who is on the way. The family traveled to reunite with Pablo.

The surprise you prepared Yailin, the most viral for anuel aa On his birthday he included colored balloons, champagne, and a huge, tall, multi-layered cake with colors, the number 30 in the center, topped with white icing, chocolate truffles around it.

Anuel AA, his son and his wife Yailin. Source: instagram @anuel_aa.llnm22

In the clip you posted Yailin, the most viral, you can hear how anuel aa He says “I kill and die for mine” while thanking the greetings for his birthday. There is no doubt that the singer has changed his behavior and is much more relaxed living this new stage in his life.