This was the celebration of Máximo Bolocco in Buenos Aires before the triumph of Argentina in Qatar

Maximo Bolocco 19 years old is the only son of the famous driver Cecilia Bolocceither. The young influencer, who will soon begin his studies in Finance at a prestigious Chilean university, was born from the marriage that the former Miss Universe had with former Argentine President Carlos Menem.

Something that Cecilia Bolocco has taught his son Maximum It is to fight for what is his, and for this reason last week the young man traveled to Argentina to expedite some procedures related to the inheritance that his late father Carlos Menem left him, and he did it in a private jet to avoid the press. .

According to what transpired Maximo Bolocco Menem He traveled to the neighboring country taking advantage of the fact that his half-sister, Zulema Menem, was in Qatar for the soccer world cup that ended yesterday and that consecrated the Argentine team champion under the command of captain Lionel Messi and DT Lionel Scaloni.

Maximo Bolocco He came to sign papers and to find out about his father’s assets, which apparently had a paltry sum of 250 pesos in his account at the time of his death,” said a journalist on the Argentine television program while adding: “In a In principle, Máximo had stated that he was not interested in anything from his father’s inheritance, that he did not want to have any ties but now he has changed his mind and has lawyers who fight for him here in Argentina”.

The truth is Maximo Bolocco took advantage of his stay in Argentina to celebrate the triumph of the team in the World Cup in Qtar. It was he himself who showed in his instagram stories how he celebrated with millions of Argentines in the obelisk of the City of Buenos Aires, until late at night.