This was the day Angelina Jolie smashed Salma Hayek’s face into a cake

The Mexican actress Salma Hayek 56 years old is one of the most famous and popular artists today, she began her career at a very young age and the merit she has today within the industry is her perseverance to succeed as a Latina woman who was not put down easy things.

Today Salma Hayek She has the honor of choosing the roles she plays in the movies and one of her most recent successes was with the Marvel factory where she played a heroine in the film Eternals. There she shared filming with another established actress but with American roots, Angelina Jolie.

The truth is Angelina Jolie and Salma Hayek they forged a friendship during the filming of Eternals and now they maintain it in their daily lives. On the last birthday of the Mexican, Brad Pitt’s ex attended and was part of the event and the group of close people who celebrated with her.

In one of the videos that went viral on the camera’s social network, it can be seen how Salma Hayek is about to blow out the candles and tries to bite a piece of her birthday cake but her close friend Angelina JoliHe plays a joke on him and pushes his face over the preparation.

Immediately all those present and Salma Hayek they start laughing at what he did Angelina Jolie since he left his colleague’s entire face covered in cake cream. Then the protagonist of Frida cleans herself up, greets everyone and relaxes in an armchair with her friend, recalling her anecdote.