This was the day Rosalía was rejected on a television program

Singer rosalia 30 years old is one of the great references of music worldwide and has just swept the last Grammy Awards. Her songs are among the most reproduced on all platforms and she is one of the most followed figures on social networks with more than 23 million followers.

But his path to fame was long and took long enough for today rosalia be a registered trademark worldwide. The first time she appeared on television, the Catalan was 15 years old and she was rejected from a talent show on Spanish television called ‘Tu si que vales’.

Àngel Llàcer was there as a jury, who told rosalia after his presentation: “You’ve gone out of tune a lot. I think you have a lot of potential but you still don’t know how to get it out.” To which the singer responded respectfully: “You can’t do everything. I’ve tried to sing, interpret and dance. I’ve tried to do everything.”

Time later and with fame behind him, rosalia He still remembers that moment, reflecting to Time magazine: “No one in my family was connected to the music industry, so I didn’t know how…we call it breaking the melon, but I don’t know how to say it in English.”

Rosalia. Source: Terra archive

“By participating in that program, I knew that to dedicate myself to music I was going to need humility and patience. If I hadn’t gone on that show, I probably never would have realized how hard I had to work,” she said. rosalia and showed that she is a great artist who accepts criticism and does not take things personally.