This was the early gift that Marc Anthony gave Nadia Ferreira for her birthday

Marc Anthony and Nadia Ferreira They are without a doubt the most famous couple today and the one that has received all the attention since they said “yes, I do” last January at a luxury wedding held in Miami. In addition, since they announced that they were expecting a baby, their fans and the paparazzi have not lost their footing.

Nadia Ferreira and Marc Anthony. Source: Instagram @nadiaferreira

The love between the salsa singer and the Paraguayan model has been criticized from the beginning by Internet users, mainly due to the age difference between the two. Regardless of it, Mark Anthony and Nadia Ferreira decided to get married and are very much in love.

Marc Anthony’s anticipated gift to Nadia Ferreira

This Wednesday, Nadia Ferreira turns 24 and it is a very special birthday since her pregnancy progresses and between June and July she will meet her first child. Her present is very particular and her more than 2.8 million followers also make her feel it in each post she makes on her Instagram account. instagram.

Nadia Ferreira posing. Source: Instagram @nadiaferreira

For his part, Marc Anthony continues to display his talent on stage and awaits the arrival of his seventh child. However, the salsa singer does not neglect her wife, much less forgets to be careful with her, or at least that could be seen on digital platforms when the early birthday present he gave to her was known. Nadia Ferreira.

The gift for Nadia Ferreira. Source: Instagram @nadiaferreira

“Good morning, someone woke up happy because tomorrow is their birthday,” wrote Nadia Ferreira in an Instagram story in which she boasted a large bouquet of red roses that Mark Anthony he gave. The brand new marriage continues to show signs that the love they profess is real and today they have a new reason to celebrate together.