This was the first meeting of Marc Anthony with his ex Dayanara Torres, since Nadia Ferreira announced that she is pregnant

The 35th edition of the Lo Nuestro Awards was attended by various celebrities from the world of entertainment, including Marc Anthony and Nadia Ferreirawho reappeared in public since their wedding and the announcement of Nadia’s pregnancy.

was also present dayanara torres, who presented the Lo Nuestro Award for Musical Legacy to Ivy Queen, expressing her total admiration. Torres also spoke about the wedding of Marc Anthony and Nadia Ferreira in a recent interview on the television program El Gordo y la Flaca, in which he stated that his children had attended the wedding.

For his part, Marc Anthony and Nadia Ferreira They were one of the most outstanding couples of the night. The singer was very affectionate with his wife, touching and kissing her tummy at all times. Marc received the award for Best Tropical Album of the Year for his production Pa’lla Voy and in his thank you speech he referred to Nadia as “my dear lady” and dedicated some words of love to her: “Mommy, you love!”.

The presence of these personalities at the Lo Nuestro Awards is a reminder of the impact they have on Latino culture and their influence on music and entertainment. The event also highlighted the importance of women in the music industry and their struggle to be recognized in a genre that has historically been dominated by men. Ivy Queen received the Musical Legacy Award for her career in the urban genre and dayanara torres highlighted her bravery and courage to create her own path in an industry where there was no room for women.

In summary, the 35th edition of the Lo Nuestro Awards was an event full of surprises and emotions, where the importance of Latin music and its stars in popular culture was highlighted. The presence of Marc Anthony and Nadia Ferreira, as well as the participation of Dayanara Torres and the delivery of the Musical Legacy Award to Ivy Queen, were some of the highlights of the night.