This was the incredible birthday cake for Daniel, the son of Aracely Arámbula and Luis Miguel

Luis Miguel Y Aracely Arambula They had two children as the fruit of their love: Miguel and Daniel. The number of years that have already passed is evident, and it becomes visible as the children grow older. Although Luis Miguel remains completely absent from the lives of the children, it is Aracely who has raised them and keeps an eye on the lives of her children. Now, yesterday the youngest of them turned 14 and celebrated with a great celebration.

The theme of the preteen’s birthday party was the famous series “The Walking Dead”, so it could be seen on the cake that Aracely Arambula posted on Instagram. This was decorated with the characters of the series printed. The birthday was attended by the relatives of the protagonist of the soap opera “La doña”. Aracely Arámbula accompanied the photo of the cake with a message that said: “Happy Birthday, my prince grew up.”

Aracely and her children. Source: Twitter @showmundialshow

Some of the most liked comments from the publication of instagram They were: “Godssss continue to bless you!!! What a fast 14! Woooow!!!”; “Congratulations to the minor king; may he be filled with many blessings. A great mother touched you; the one who has been the great promoter of your education and happiness. Let’s go for more, beautiful little boy. May happiness be with you forever”; “Congratulations!!! May God continue to bless you with many more years”; “Happy 14 to your beautiful Dany”, and “Happy 14 years Dany! I hope you had an incredible time and that this new year of life is full of pretty cokes and lots and lots of love.”

Daniel’s birthday cake. Source: Instagram @aracelyarambula

On the other hand, nostalgic Aracely Arambula He added an old photo of a stamp to the post, which helped him choose his son’s name. In this image you can see the characteristics of the name Daniel. It comes from Hebrew and has the meaning: “Justice of God”.

Daniel. Source: Instagram @aracelyarambula

As qualities of the person named Daniel, the image lists: “nice, open, reasoning and understanding”; he also declares a beautiful characteristic “he likes to be surrounded by his friends and affection, to whom he gives vital importance”. Surely, these were some of the reasons for Aracely Arambula select this name.