This was the reunion of Karol G and Anuel AA that excites the fans

“Real, I don’t care about thirty containers of… what happened to me yesterday, because I’m in the Choliseo fu **** ng” said Karol G after his impressive fall during the recital in Miami. The tour of the Colombian singer presents good health. The one with the knocked knees is the artist herself after falling ten steps while singing. A big scare for her and for the production that quickly became a meme.

Last night it was “La Bichota ”’s turn to perform in Puerto Rico, the native country of his ex Anuel AA. Both ended their relationship in April 2021 but nevertheless the cordiality and affection remain on the surface.

While ‘la Bichota’ sang in front of a packed “Choliseo José Miguel Agrelot” his ex appeared from behind him. Karol he had been singing the lyrics of “Culpables” that he wrote in co-authorship with the Puerto Rican. Present both on the island, he decided to surprise his blue-haired girl.

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If the fans were already speculating with the gestures crossed between the Colombian and Anuel AA, now they are delirious. It is not clear if it was pure sympathy or is the announcement of something that is about to resurface. At such a short time after their breakup, these gestures are strange to the fans.

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For its part, the career of Karol G it keeps going up. Although on stage he fell apart, on television he had the opportunity to tell us what his future projects are. “I am going to act. I have a surprise for my people in January. I’m going to start filming a series for Netflix. It’s not about my life, it’s about acting. I have a character, so I’m preparing for that ”he announced Jimmy Fallon in his program. Does Anuel AA launch his acting career too?