This was the rough first date of Gonzalo Valenzuela and Kika Silva that few know

Gonzalo Valenzuela He was on the television program Buenas noches a todos with Eduardo Fuentes to talk about various aspects of his personal and professional life. In the interview, the Chilean actor revived his first roles on television, talked about his life and his relationship with his family. In addition, that he talked about his relationship with kika silva.

In this sense, Fuentes asked him about how the beginning of his romance with kika silva. valenzuela He said that he knew her before, but that everything happened in the middle of the Viña del Mar Festival, where the actor served as a jury. “I saw her at the Gala. There was like a catwalk and from there, behind, the gala show. La Kika was standing in the back, I went, greeted her, said hello, how are you, and she was in that dress, ”he recalled. The garment itself made news in the media after Silva arrived at the event in a black dress with transparencies that paid homage to the one worn by Cecilia Bolocco in 2007.

Gonzalo in the interview with Eduardo Fuentes referred to his first date with Kika Silva. Source: Instagram @buenasnochestvn

Subsequently, the Chilean actor revealed how his first date with kika silva. A romantic encounter that turned out to be accidental due to a curious phenomenon. “She got in the car and the first day we went out and hip! She hiccupped. With hiccups, super flirtatious. ‘How are you? Hip!”, he would say to me. But not to drink or anything. With hiccups, poor thing,” she said. the issue of hiccups In a romantic way, Valenzuela said that “It happened with love”.

At the beginning of May, Silva He returned home to Los Angeles, United States, so their relationship remained at a distance. About this type of relationship, valenzuela pointed out that “you have to see day by day”, that is, live “the present, which is the only thing that matters to me now”. it’s awful”.

Gonzalo and Kika have a long-distance love relationship. Source: Instagram @gonzalovalenzuelaoficial

kika silva He referred to his partner and said: “Gonzalo He has been a support for everything I am doing and I will see him very soon ”. In addition to his return to his daily routine, he mentioned that one of the reasons for returning to California was due to a course with which he sought to continue promoting his business, Iki. She announced that she has some television projects for Chile, but that they will be recorded abroad.