This world won’t make me bad, the trailer for the new Zerocalcare series

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The official trailer is out This world won’t make me bad, the eagerly awaited new animated series signed by the famous Italian cartoonist Zerocalcare, arriving on Netflix from 9 June (also visible on Sky Glass, Sky Q and via the app on Now Smart Stick). On the occasion of a meeting of Zerocalcare with the public at the Turin International Book Fair, the streaming platform released the video that anticipates what we will see.

On June 9, all episodes of the series will be available on the streamer.
“I’m a mess tangled up with pain, loneliness, frustration, abandonment and a sense of guilt… We’re practically never calm and serene. Because you’ve got rubble around you. And what a f***ing jackal does he look good in rubble?”, this is the “official presentation” of the show, to put it right at Zerocalcare…
Anyway welcome back Zero and welcome back Zerocalcare! Both were greatly missed by the die-hard fans of one and the other. Since the release of the first teaser trailer, released on the net last February, the large crowd of fans of the cartoonist, author of paper masterpieces of the caliber of Forget my name, An octopus at the throat And Raw rubble they thought of nothing else.

You can watch the trailer of This world won’t make me bad in the video that you find above, at the head of this article.

The new animated series by Zerocalcare

This world won’t make me bad is written, directed and interpreted by Zerocalcare. The animated series will consist of 6 episodes, lasting about half an hour each.
It brings back to the screen the narrative world, the unique language and the iconic characters of the Zerocalcare universe.
We therefore find Zero, Sarah, Secco and the Armadillo (the latter, as is well known, is the inevitable conscience of Zero – which makes Zeno’s conscience a lot, to say it – voiced once again by the voice of the actor Valerio Mastandrea ).
The usual characters born from the mind and pen of Zerocalcare are the protagonists of a narration Sui generis made of digressions, twists, anecdotes and pure emotion. The title sounds like a sort of mantra, a rosary that Zerocalcare himself repeats in moments when he feels gripped by the evil of the world, tempted as we all are (alas) to take the wrong path, the one that leads to the choice that seems the easiest but which – with the proverbial hindsight – will pollute our soul, as well as our life.

The inevitable mix of irony, pop references and political, ethical and social issues

Not only the characters dear to us will crowd the episodes of this show: the equally dear skilful mix of irony, pop references (also to the series of the same “parent company”, Netflix) returns. For example, there is no shortage of quotes, tributes and references to Bridgerton, as can be seen from the same trailer released in these hours). The special ingredient is also part of the Zerocalcare recipe, which amalgamates everything with an aftertaste of bitter intelligence: the deep issues that touch politics, society, ethics and generational problems are clearly all there. Otherwise, what would Zerocalcare be? Not him, exactly.

Cesare, the old friend who returns to the neighborhood

The trailer released by the official Netflix channels in the past few hours introduces a new character: it is Cesare, an old friend who returns to the neighborhood after being away for several years. He will find it hard to recognize that world in which he has lived since he was a child. Zero would love to help him, however he soon realizes that he can’t do anything for Cesare: he’s not the one who can help him find his place in the world. It is not him as it is no one else but Caesar himself.
And in any case, as has already happened in the first and previous animated series of Zerocalcare (the acclaimed Tear along the edges), the fact that Zero wants to help Cesare feel at ease in the neighborhood causes him to be blamed by others, Cesare included. “But what do you think, that you are the only enlightened one who distinguishes right from wrong?” are the words that Secco will pronounce, in a moment of unexpected lucidity.
But as Paolo Armelli recalls in a recent article on Wired Italy, Caesar’s arrival “puts the protagonist into a deep crisis, who hadn’t pronounced his name for twenty years. The specter of broken friendships, abandoned old values ​​and in general the frustration of not being able to make the right choice to find one’s place in the world will be the starting point that will lead Zero to a new awareness, after however being (literally) enveloped by tentacles that bear the name of doubts, insecurity and feelings of guilt”.

Zerocalcare doubles all the characters, except for the Armadillo

Together with the cartoonist, who doubles most of the characters, Valerio Mastandrea also returns to lend his uvula to the Armadillo (and clearly he won’t miss what has become his catchphrase: “Stoc ** zo”).

The collaboration between the comic book author (and animated series, by now we must add it) and the Roman singer-songwriter Giancane, who created the official theme song of the series, has also been confirmed You are in a wonderful countrytaken from his new album All bad.

Find the trailer of This world won’t make me bad in the video at the top of this article.