This would be Shakira’s macabre plan to annoy Gerard Piqué

They do not say it publicly, but the singer Shakira and his ex, Gerard Piqué, are in the middle of a cold war for the possession of their children Milan and Sasha. The artist wants to take them to live in Miami where she plans to start a new life while the player wants them to stay with him in Barcelona.

The truth is that the negotiations continue with lawyers involved, but both Shakira What Pique they play their strategies to achieve the goals. A month ago, the singer broke her silence in an interview for Elle magazine and that bothered the athlete who made things more difficult for her in the fight for the custody of the children.

Now Shakira plans revenge and wants to overshadow Gerard Piqué in the Qatar 2022 World Cup where the player will be with the Spanish team. Apparently the singer would have been summoned by FIFA to be part of the opening show of the event as she has done on other occasions.

Shakira He still does not confirm his presence, since he is thinking about it. On the other hand, FIFA has not commented on the invitation either, but the affection they have for the artist who has already participated in three previous editions, in the World Cups in Germany, South Africa and Brazil, is public.

Shakira. Source: Terra archive

Shakira He would share the stage in Qatar 2022 with Dua Lipa and the Korean band BTS. “This opening ceremony has become one of the biggest events of this sports festival, since several artists have shown their talent in front of thousands of spectators. Without a doubt, Shakira has become an icon of this event and is cataloged as the ‘Queen of the World Cups’, and it is rumored that she could perform again” affirmed the Peruvian newspaper La República We will have to wait to see if the singer’s plan is carried out.