This would be the new and luxurious home of Marité Matus

After spending a few days with his ex Arturo vidalas a result of their children’s end-of-year school events, Marité Matus aroused curiosity in the networks for the photos of a luxurious house under construction. It was during the afternoon of this Thursday that Marité took advantage of her Instagram account to show her followers her great project.

Marité’s house. Source: Instagram @mariteematus

It is a new property, which has two floors from what could be seen in the images. Through the stories of instagram is that Marité Matus decided to show the progress of her new house. Together with an emoji of a shooting star, as if representing the fulfillment of a wish, Marité summarized the work in two photos.

Apparently the land surrounding the property is huge, so it can be assumed that Marité is planning a large patio to enjoy summer days with family and friends. The celebrity portal “Infama” was in charge of providing the verified information: it is the new home that Marité Matus.

Marité’s house. Source: Instagram @mariteematus

This is not the only property she owns, while she was married to the footballer Arturo vidal, had acquired several properties. In September, in fact, he put up for sale a 5,000 m2 piece of land that had already been excavated to include a swimming pool.

Marité’s complaint. Source: Instagram @mariteematus

However, not everything is rosy for Marité Matus, A few days ago, he again questioned the pension that Arturo vidal it passes to her, required by law, as child support. Marité denied that this was a million-dollar figure, and she took the opportunity to make a statement created by the Feminist Lawyer account, where they declare that only 16% of parents pass maintenance on to their children. On the other hand, she denounced that she does not see her children that often, Vidal does not have that bond with them. In fact, she recently traveled to the Maldives to meet his girlfriend, Sonia Isaza.