This year ends with a flourish for the famous actor: he became a bis dad at the age of 50

A month not to forget for the famous actor: he became an encore dad at the age of 50, the news drives everyone crazy with joy.

A date that the famous actor will not forget: December 18, 2021. Two years after his eldest daughter, the beloved Italian interpreter is became a dad bis at the age of 50.

He became a bis dad at the age of 50: immense joy. Photo Source: Instagram

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A new year is about to end. And this is going to be a year to frame for the famous actor. Not only because he took part in several successful fiction, which gave him the opportunity to be loved and known even more by the Italian public, but also because he became a father for the second time. A few hours ago, through a post shared on his official social page, the beloved actor announced this fantastic surprise news to his audience. “Lea”, wrote in support of this photo that portrays the hand of the newcomer. A truly incredible announcement, as you can clearly understand. And which, of course, immediately sparked the reaction of its supporters.

He became a bis dad at the age of 50, immense joy for the actor: welcome Lea!

This year ends with a flourish for the famous Italian actor: his daughter Lea is born! After getting married to his current wife in 2017 and becoming a dad for the first time in 2019, the beloved interpreter has for some hours welcomed a new life in his arms. Lea was born!

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To spread the news, as we said a little while ago, it was the person directly concerned on Instagram. With a sweet shot, the actor shared a truly sensational piece of news with his beloved audience. And, in a real heartbeat, it made them explode with joy. We are talking about him: Fortunato Cerlino. Recently on the small screen with ‘Up to the last beat’, where he took on the role of the boss, the Neapolitan actor boasts of a truly impressive career. From Gomorrah to La Porta Rossa, the good Cerlino is a beloved face. It is precisely for this reason that the news of the birth of her second child was received in a more than positive way.

became a dad
Photo Source: Instagram

There are so many good wishes that came with little Lea’s shot. Of course, ours too come to them! Welcome!