Thomas Bangalter of Daft Punk has announced his first solo album

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After 28 successful years with i Daft Punk and not even a couple of pauses, Thomas Bangalter he takes off his silver helmet and literally puts his face on it, announcing a new project very different from the previous ones.

Music that explores humanity

Mythologies it will not only be a completely new challenge for the French artist but it will also and above all represent a clear break with the past. The album to be released on April 7, 2023 was designed with the idea of ​​serving as an accompaniment to the ballet of the same name by Angelin Preljocajstaged by his company last July at the Grand Théâtre de Bordeaux. On this occasion, a short teaser trailer of the show was also recorded, which allows us to preview a couple of minutes of the new musical experiment of the former half of Daft Punk. That is enough to understand how we are faced with something radically different from what Bangalter produced in the past. As he himself anticipated, these 23 compositions born from 2019 “fully embrace the history of orchestral music for ballet”. The compositional style at the base will therefore no longer draw on electronics but “on the traditional force on a large scale of a symphony”, to quote the force of ancient and modern myths. In his new path, the French musician is no longer interested in exploring technology, as he has done continuously for the last almost thirty years: his focus now shifts rather to creating songs that “explore humanity”.

Music sounds better with (only) you?

The desire to place man at the center of his work is also made explicit by a symbolic gesture of moderate importance. Thomas Bangalter indeed announced Mythologies showing his face for the first time. Over the years it hadn’t become too difficult to find images of the two Daft Punks without the characteristic helmets but they had always been shots stolen or perhaps disseminated by mistake. Now there is no more room for interpretations: Bangalter cuts the bridges of his previous career with Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo showing himself without filters and with his true face. A decision that somehow makes us understand how much we are really dealing with the beginning of a new artistic life and not a simple impromptu project, similar to those that had already involved the transalpine producer over the years. Without the partner of a lifetime Thomas had in fact already worked, ranging from soundtracks for “outrageous” films such as Irreversible Of Gaspar Noe to disco anthems like Music sounds better with you (created under the pseudonym Stardust with Alan Braxe and Benjamin Diamond in 1998). This last single track of the formation, which also resisted a three million dollar offer to create an EP, remains not only one of the most important house songs of the Nineties but also the demonstration that Bangalter is a seasoned artist, who never must be afraid to travel to new musical worlds “without a helmet”. Music sounds better with you, Thomas. Even now that you dedicate yourself to it.