Thomson Rheita 100 from Avidsen, supervises and illuminates

Thomson Reitha 100 is an intelligent security camera produced by Avidsen capable of monitoring outdoor environments and lighting them thanks to the integrated LED lamp function. The shell is made of metal and makes it very resistant to bad weather and temperatures ranging from -20 ° C to 60 ° C. The only flaw, if we want to call it that, is that it must be installed, so you need to arm yourself with a drill. Screws and plugs are already inside the box.

How to supervise

Thomson Rheita 100 has a motorized rotating camera that allows the recognition of shapes. Thanks to this function it is possible to monitor a human presence in real time: a siren will warn of any intrusion. Unfortunately the motorized movement of the camera is only vertical, the horizontal one is manual. The motor stroke rises up to 270 ° horizontally.

It is managed with the app

To work, the camera needs to be connected to the home wifi and to the dedicated app. So you need a very stable connection. In this way it can be controlled from the smartphone. With the application you can choose the orientation, manage the notification and lighting options. Thanks to the two-way audio, Rheita 100 allows you to communicate with the person in the picture. It also works at night thanks to the infrared camera, the viewing range is 25 meters. Captured photos and videos are encrypted and can be stored on a micro SD card. The cost is 199 euros.

Pros and cons


  • Manual vertical movement
  • It works according to the quality of the wifi


  • Real-time shape monitoring
  • Infrared vision
  • It also acts as an external light