Those few times Queen Elizabeth broke the rules: what she did

Those few times Queen Elizabeth broke the rules: what did she do; the episodes that have not gone unnoticed.

Virtually everyone was struck by the images of Harry and Meghan who, in public appearances in recent days, are constantly holding hands. A simple and romantic gesture, but not foreseen by the royal family protocol.

Queen Elizabeth (Credits Instagram)

In fact, many have pointed out how the dukes of Sussex have broke the rules intertwining their hands at official events. So, however, it would not be, as, since 2020, Harry and Meghan have officially renounced their royal duties. But, speaking of rules and protocol, perhaps not everyone knows that even the beloved Queen Elizabeth, in very rare cases, it has gone beyond the strict real rules. What are we talking about? We tell you everything.

Even Queen Elizabeth broke the rules – that’s when

On Thursday 8 September 2022, Queen Elizabeth II passed away at the age of 96. The longest-lived and most beloved sovereign in English history has disappeared after 70 years of reign. 70 years during which she has proved to be a solid and strong figure, even in the darkest moments of her reign. During her reign, Elizabeth II has always perfectly respected the strict protocol of the royal family, except for some, very rare, episodeswhich have remained in history.

Among these, as Fanpage.t reports, there is the embrace between the Queen and First Lady Michelle Obama, which took place in 2009. A tender gesture, which has remained in history, but which represented a real infringement of the royal family’s etiquette. But that’s not all: the sovereign was a great fan of engines and has been driving since the age of 19, despite having countless drivers available. A decidedly unusual practice for a sovereign, especially if you think that on several occasions the queen has also taken care of self-repairing her own cars. Her Majesty of hers, the only one who could drive without a license, would personally help her children to prepare for the driving test.

queen elizabeth broke rules
Elizabeth II (Credits Instagram)

The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II

They will be held on Monday September 19, 2022 the solemn funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. Since yesterday, Wednesday 15 September, the coffin of the sovereign has arrived in London from Scotland and is exhibited in Westminster Hall, where thousands and thousands of subjects are in line for even 30 hours, to pay the last farewell to the beloved Elizabeth. After four days of vigil, the doors of Westminster Abbey will open Monday morning at eight (nine in Italy): the funeral begins at 11am. 5, Silvia Toffanin will conduct the live broadcast of the queen’s funeral, with a special by Verissimo in collaboration with TG 5.