Those good girls, Mara, Sandra and Marisa getting wilder on their tour in Morocco

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Mission after mission, for “Those good girls” Moroccan culture has no more secrets, and even in the fourth stage of their adventure – waiting for Sunday 12 March exclusively on Sky and streaming only on NOWMara Mayonchi, Sandra Milo (THE PHOTOS) And Marisa Laurito they will continue to fully experience all that Morocco has to offer them.

For Mara, who despite defining herself as a “lazy traveler” always willingly lets herself be carried away by the emotions of discoveries; For Marisa, grappling with a unique adventure despite having already been to Fes on one of her many trips; and for Sandrathat just tomorrow, March 11, he will be 90 years old – an icon of Italian cinema still today with a candor and joie de vivre truly incomparable, this year’s journey of “Those good girls” is giving countless surprises.

In the heart of Fezduring a stay that is proving to be more and more fun and irresistible, Mara, Sandra and Marisa are getting more and more into the traditions and customs of the place: from a breakfast based on typical sweet and savory dishes to the stories of the inhabitants of the city , the three will discover a very rich and precious culture, but also a welcoming and very lively local population, which will once again give them moments of great spiritual and cultural enrichment.

In the fourth episode of the Sky Original show created by Blu Yazmine, expected for Sunday 12 March at 21:15 on Sky Uno and streaming on NOW, always available on demand and visible on Sky Gothe all-female tour will bring the girls – accompanied by the faithful Alexander Livihandyman and driver of the iconic pink leopard-print van, symbol of travel – in the panoramic point of Porta Merinididiscovering the secrets of the area, then in a school where they will also be able learn a few words in Arabicand finally a Ifrane, the so-called “Switzerland of Morocco”. But the surprises of the journey will not end here, because then “Those good girls” will be called to face a new mission, which will see them as protagonists of a meeting with some special “inhabitants” of a cedar forest: they will accept to get involved once again time?

THOSE BRAVE GIRLS: every Sunday at 21:15 exclusively on Sky Uno and in streaming only on NOW, always available on demand and visible on Sky Go