Those good girls, starting tonight with the trio Maionchi, Milo, Laurito. Advances

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The trio protagonist of this road trip – Sky Original show created by Blu Yazmine – will be an unprecedented formation: a Mara Maionchi And Sandra Milo in fact joins another legend of Italian theater and television, Marisa Laurito. It will be the three of them who will board the iconic and unmistakable hot pink spotted vanthe official means of transport of the show born from an idea by Mara Maionchi, which will be driven by their handyman driver Alexander Livi. (THE GOOD GIRLS SPECIAL)

the new entry and previews

Mara and Sandra are already friends after last year’s experience, and now they are called to welcome the new entry Marissa: day after day they will get to know each other and make friends, bringing together three very strong and very different personalities and their respective backgrounds as top-level protagonists of the Italian show business, in addition to being constantly loved by the general public for years.

It will be an unpredictable period for them during which they can let themselves go at moments of pure girls fun. In fact, on their journey, of which they do not know any details about the itinerary, “Those good girls” will be able to discover habits and traditions unknown to them thanks to which they will be able to get away for once from work and personal commitments: they will be free to do what they they prefer to indulge in moments of leisure and also of “transgression”.

During the six episodes of “Those good girls”, expected from Sunday 19 February at 21:15 on Sky Uno and streaming on NOW, always available on demand and visible on Sky Gothe times of the holiday will be marked only by the ringing of the tablet on which Mara, Sandra and Marisa will read the missions they will have to accomplish: more or less large objectives that they will have to achieve in order to get in touch with the customs, habits and traditions of the local population.

discovering montecarlo

On board the spotted van, the three will arrive at the first half of this year, Montecarlo: here they will live experiences like true queens of the jet set and will breathe the glamorous and luxurious atmosphere of the Principality’s palaces. However, this will only be a brief and relaxing prelude to their adventure, which day after day will lead them to experience more and more unimaginable experiences, starting with a tour of the mysterious and fascinating villages of the south of France where they will come into contact with the most particular folklore and customs. The missions that await them this year will be full of surprises, and Mara, Sandra and Marisa will try truly unforgettable experiences together.

The more they are willing to do anything, the more fun they will have: what they will experience will be a period full of small daily challenges, complex or not, but also of more or less adventurous, unusual and transgressive discoveries and experiences that they have never approached, up to now, in their lives. A holiday in which they will prove, once again, that they are legendary.