Threats to Ronzulli, envelope with bullet

She was intercepted by the police. Solidarity with the senator from the political world

An envelope with a bullet and threats addressed to the FI group leader in the Senate Licia Ronzulli was intercepted by the police. Solidarity with the senator from the political world.

“I would like to extend my sincere and affectionate sympathy to Senator and friend Licia Ronzulli for the threats received. I hope that the investigators will shed full light on this serious intimidation”, states the President of the Senate, Ignazio La Russa.

“Whoever hopes to influence ideas and political battles with bullets or threats is deluded and a coward – declares the vice-president of the Chamber and deputy of Forza Italia, Giorgio Mulè – Deluded because, knowing President Ronzulli, I know well how intimidating acts like this will only spur her to work with even more energy and determination, which she certainly does not lack, in defense of the ideals of Forza Italia, on which her political passion is based. Cowardly because the discussion must take place on the level of ideas and not using anonymity as a shield. My most affectionate solidarity goes to my friend Licia.”

“Solidarity with our friend Licia Ronzulli: the threats do not scare her or the government. Full speed ahead, with a smile, and with gratitude for the extraordinary work of the police forces”, says deputy prime minister Matteo Salvini.

“I express solidarity on my behalf and that of the entire Fratelli d’Italia group in the Senate to the senator and friend Licia Ronzulli for the vile threats she has suffered – declares the president of the Fratelli d’Italia senators, Lucio Malan – The envelope with a bullet addressed to the group leader of Forza Italia, and intercepted by the police, reminds us of a climate of political hatred and tension that unfortunately our country experienced a few decades ago. It must be forcefully reiterated by everyone that there is not and will never be room for violence and intimidation.”

“Solidarity from all of Italia Viva to Senator Licia Ronzulli for the threats received – states Senator Raffaella Paita, national coordinator of Italia Viva – Violence and intimidation cannot have any space in the political debate and we are certain that her colleague will not it will influence. We hope that the police will clarify this worrying episode as soon as possible.”