Three-dimensional Apple audio will arrive on Mercedes-Benz

The list of models compatible with the Spatial Audio of the Apple service

Mercedes-Benz has announced that some of its upcoming car models will be the first ever to be compatible with Apple Music’s Spatial Audio – 3D Dolby Surround which creates the illusion that music is coming from all directions or is fixed at a point in space, like at a concert. In a press release, Mercedes-Benz makes it known that Apple Music’s spatial audio will be directly integrated into the operating system of its MBUX onboard software in the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class, EQS (also SUV model), as well as on the EQE models. . All can be equipped upon request with the Burmester 3D or 4D 31 speaker system, which are precisely the two choices compatible with the spatial audio of the Apple music service. 3D and loseless audio on Apple Music is offered by default to all subscribers but typically requires specific hardware in order to enjoy it, such as Apple’s high-end headphones or some MacBook models. It was not currently available on any car model.