Throws an egg at King Charles, fined £100

A young man sentenced to a fine for the ‘royal omelette’

Throwing an egg at King Charles costs £100, excluding incidentals. The 21-year-old British man Harry May was fined 100 pounds (about 112 euros), plus another 85 pounds (95 euros) in court costs, for throwing eggs at King Charles III last December near Luton.

A London court has accused May of committing a public order offense during Charles’ visit to Bedfordshire on 6 December, when she threw eggs at him as he left Luton Town Hall. The monarch was shaking hands with the cheering crowd who had come to greet him despite the cold, when eggs were thrown towards him, but did not hit him.

Promptly arrested by the authorities after throwing the first egg, May pleaded guilty, saying he wanted to “make Charles understand” that he had shown “bad taste” by going to a “poor and disadvantaged area”, as reported by Sky News. May’s lawyer, Alex Benn, told the court that May is a boy who “cares deeply about his community” and “deeply regrets” what he did. Judge Paul Goldspring reminded him that the way to resolve differences with someone is not to throw “bullets”, and fined him “only” 100 pounds, around 112 euros.