Tiberio Timperi, it happened on the street: the conductor told everything

You would never imagine what happened to Tiberio Timperi on the street: only now did the conductor tell everything, what he said.

If there are many spectators who can’t wait to witness the return of the GF Vip – even if, just recently, we told you some very bad news about it – there are also many who count the hours to the reappearance of Tiberio Timperi on our small screen.

Tiberio Timperi. Credits: instagram

It would seem that the month of September is a totally unmissable month for all lovers of Rai channels. In fact, not only will we see sensational new entries, but also inevitable confirmations. We do not refer to Stefano De Martino, who continues to confirm himself as the leading face of the company in Viale Mazzini, but also to Tiberio Timperi. Perhaps not everyone knows, but the beloved conductor has been confirmed – for the second consecutive time – at the helm of UnoMattina in Famiglia. Together with Monica Setta and Ingrid Muccitelli, therefore, the famous presenter will be the face of the Italian weekend. Really fantastic news, don’t you think? Waiting, however, to be able to see him again on the small screen, the good Timperi let himself go to an interview on Nuovo Tv during which he did not miss an opportunity to be able to tell an incredible episode that happened to him on the street.

Tiberio Timperi tells what happened to him on the street: incredible

On the occasion of its return to the small screen scheduled for the beginning of September, Tiberio Timperi he told himself to Nuovo Tv, revealing an incredible episode that happened to him on the street. Do you remember when we met the meeting that Elisa Isoardi had in the streets of Rome? Such a thing has not happened to the famous host of UnoMattina in Famiglia at all, but the episode, however, cannot fail to be told precisely because it makes it clear when the good Timperi is loved by all of us.

On the pages of the well-known weekly, in fact, Tiberi Timperi touched on the topic of ‘popularity’ and explained his relationship with the public, revealing an incredible episode. “A few days ago, a lady stopped me on the street ..”, This is exactly how the story that the TV presenter gave to Nuovo Tv begins. What could he ever have been able to tell him? Well, it would seem that the woman hasn’t held back at all from complimenting him and letting go of a revelation that pleased him very much. “He told me that when he sees me, he feels at home!”, said the good Timperi, not hiding his joy in hearing these words. On the other hand, it is a great satisfaction!

Who Orsola Gazzaniga, his ex-wife?

Although he is a public figure in all respects, it would seem that Tiberio Timperi loves to preserve his private sphere. On the web, however, we tracked down several news about his marriage. Celebrated in 2005, he was shipwrecked only three months after the celebration. Unfortunately, we have very little news about who she is and what Orsola Gazzaniga does, but we do know that she is the mother of her only son Daniele Timperi.

Timperi Instagram shot

Can’t you wait to see it again on the small screen too?