Ticwatch Pro 5, smart watch and top of the range by Mobvoi

TicWatch Pro 5 is the first smartwatch equipped with the new first generation Snapdragon W5+ wearable platform. This means: fast response times, versatile sensors, more accurate health algorithms and longer battery life.


Classic design with a circular aluminum case featuring a central rotating crown used to scroll through the menus. In the lower part we find the sensors for the many measurements and the connection for recharging. Supports open water diving up to 50 meters. It weighs just 44 grams but is solid enough to withstand military standards.

The display, in anti-fingerprint glass, is very technological, in fact they are two superimposed. The first is a 1.43-inch OLED, the other is very low power which always remains visible, saving energy.

The battery in smart mode lasts almost three days, recharging is very fast: from 0 to 65% in just 30 minutes.

Functions for all tastes

They range from sports ones to monitor the various workouts, to health ones: heart rate, oxygenation, breathing and sleep quality. Adventure seekers will appreciate the compass, barometer and gps. Ticwatch Pro 5 is based on the latest version of Wear OS from Google and allows access to many dedicated applications.

Once connected to the smartphone, everything is at your fingertips: emails, chats and notifications. Plus you can answer calls by hearing and speaking through the smartwatch. You can also see the photos of the messages and make payments via NFC.

In addition to being smart, it is also customizable, in the choice of dials and in the colors of the strap. The price is 359 euros.

TicWatch Pro 5, Pros and Cons


  • Fluid
  • Accurate
  • Smart


  • Price
  • In chat you can reply to only one message at a time