Tik Tok, CEO of the US Congress: “We collect the same data as Facebook and Tw”

Platform number one: “Chinese government has no access to our information”

Tik Tok collects the same data as Facebook and Twitter, explained the CEO of the platform Shou Chew in his testimony to Congress in which he was attacked, even harshly, by Republicans and Democrats. “This is data frequently collected by numerous other companies,” he said, responding to Congressman Frank Pallone’s request for a pledge not to collect health or location data.

“We are committed to being very transparent with our users about what we collect. I don’t think we collect more than the majority of industry players,” he added, stressing, repeatedly interrupted by MPs, that the company is not an extension of the Chinese government which “has no access to the data, has never asked us for it and we have never provided it”.

“To Americans watching today: Tik Tok is a weapon of the Communist Party of China to spy on you, manipulate what you see, and exploit you for future generations,” Republican McMorris Rodgers said. After the long exposition of the allegations made against Tik Tok by the Republican Kat Cammack, Chew asked to be able to answer them. Only to be told, “No, let’s move on.”